Work in progress! Trying out this new style with... well. anime characters. it's that SPARKLE in their eyes that makes it anime-ish. but to be honest... when there's no sparkle they looked so scary and dead. poor gian.
his mouth is missing!


illustrations for my illustration class:

Angel bunny:

Dancer bunnies:

Misc Children:


Something... different?



misc animals:

will update this once i get the chance


I've just finished the base sketches of my storyboard, hoping to animate them
to present by this Wednesday.

Right now though, I'm gonna post my completed painting (spanning over a
week I think) that's due this coming Monday

With flash:
 ...without flash.

Took me too long, and now it's taking too long to dry!!!
I'll probably buy that fast drying medium (if artfriend has! omg)
and then hopefully I can bring it down by monday :D

Other than that, toodles! this semester is coming to an end!
=_= so remind me again never to take all studio modules
in the future. 


forgot to add this. some extreme poses for the lil gal
I actually am damn crazy about bunnies
so i took my current style and made the gal a bunny instead
(no, this idea will not stay, it's just for show!!)

see you can totally have hair accessories too XD

ah this one's kinda nonsensical 

like LOL i Digresssseeedddd
(because i AM one - *stares at mirror*)

and here's one more random series of sketches

outline styles, with color.
if i didn't color the subjects in, i couldn't do this, it'd be too weird.
personally, liking top-left and bottom-middle.
though i wish i had a combination of bottom-mid and bottom-right.
bottom right looks nice at some spots but others just look too dark. i don't know.

i combined said two to get this better lined effect

having it bigger so that u can see better